“Bestow light to the unsighted, endow life to the dead.”
(-Rabindranath Tagore)

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”
(-Hellen keller).

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of the Government of West Bengal launched the State’s one of the flagship projects CHOKHER ALO (light for the eyes) on 4th of January 2021 with the vision to reach eye health care services universally in the State. This project would simultaneously redress the huge service-backlogs generated out of the Covid pandemic.

This project with its life cycle approach will take care of all the needs for the prevention and control of the blindness/visual impairment but the priority focus would be on the cataract surgeries and on extending support to the refractive errors.

CHOKHER ALO portal is an information management tool for :--
(i) better understanding on the implementation of the CHOKHER ALO project at/from every tier, (ii) tracking/follow-up till the completion of the service-circle for each of the beneficiaries especially for the cataract patients and (iii) an improved monitoring on our efforts for the blindness prevention and control.

  • Let us:--
    1. Love our EYES : take care for the eyes : get the vision tested
    2. Save our Sight : The world is Bright
    3. Reach out UNITEDLY with the HOPE IN SIGHT
    4. DONATE EYES to help someone see through our eyes
    5. Beat the blindness through "CHOKHER ALO"
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  • Trouble-shooting : through WA group : CHOKHER ALO Pilot Group